Robotic systems can be an efficient and cost-effective solution!

Our new endeavour is TETTIX. We can provide you with the complete package and find solutions to your needs by industrial automation. We analyze your robotic system needs, provide a plan for automation, and put the automation into production.

 TETTIX designs and manufactures industrial automation systems, acting mainly as a robot integrator. Consequently, the tailor-made industrial automation systems enable us to provide you with flexible and cost-saving solutions.

Namely, below some of the solutions we may provide:


Robotic arms smartly and gently pick packaged and non-packaged items. The loading of the products into containers, trays, or even directly to flow-pack wrappers or tray loaders is easily programmable. The additional equipment such as vision systems and grippers enable each project to be easily customizable.

TETTIX has also been challenged to create a robotic case packing system that fits into the limited floor-space and accommodate frequent changeovers.

The innovative technological solutions, the reliability and the simplicity of use and safety, are characteristics that make our company a reliable partner for every kind of automation.

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